Micro and Nano Systems in Biomedicine and Drug Delivery

  • Nesrin Hasirci


Micro and nano sytems sysnthesized from organic and inorganic materials are gaining great attention in biomedical applications such as design of biosensors, construction of imaging systems, synthesis of drug carrying and drug targeting devices, etc. Emulsions, suspensions, micelles, liposomes, dendrimers, polymeric and responsive systems are some examples for drug carrier devices. They have lots of advantages over conventional systems since they enhance the delivery, extend the bioactivity of the drug by protecting them from environmental effects in biological media, show minimal side effects, demonstrate high performance characteristics, and are more economical since minimum amount of expensive drugs are used. This chapter provides brief information about micro and nano systems used in biomedicine, nanobiotechnology and drug delivery


micelles liposomes dendrimers drug carriers responsive polymers 


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