Smart Meshing of Imperfect Structures for the Improved Prediction of Buckling and Postbuckling Behaviour

  • Carol A. Featherston
Conference paper


It is generally accepted, that the buckling loads and postbuckling behaviour of many engineering components are substantially impaired by the existence of small initial geometric imperfections such as deviations in shape, eccentricities and local indentations. These imperfections can lead to large discrepancies between predicted and actual failure loads, which can result in catastrophic failure unless large safety factors are applied, resulting in non-optimised structures. In industries such as the aerospace industry, which rely on the use of minimum weight structures, this inability to accurately model the effects of such imperfections acts to reduce the industry’s competitiveness.


Nonlinear Finite Element Geometric Imperfection Local Indentation Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis POSTBUCKLING Behaviour 
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