New Ruthenium Catalysts for Alkene Metathesis

  • Cédric Fischmeister
  • Pierre H. Dixneuf
Conference paper
Part of the NATO Science Series book series (NAII, volume 243)

The main developments in ruthenium catalyst design for alkene metathesis covering the last 4 years is presented. These new catalysts are essentially based on modifications brought to Grubbs- or Hoveyda-type catalysts and the generation of catalysts by activation of propargyl derivatives leading to ruthenium–allenylidene, – indenylidene, and alkenylcarbene catalysts.


Ruthenium Complex Ruthenium Catalyst Alkene Metathesis Grubbs Catalyst Generation Grubbs Catalyst 
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  • Cédric Fischmeister
    • 1
  • Pierre H. Dixneuf
    • 1
  1. 1.Catalyse et Organométalliques CNRSUniversité de Rennes 1Institut Sciences Chimiques de Rennes BAT 10CRennesFrance

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