Harness of R&D for the Benefit of a Practical-Oriented Organization

  • I. Spharim

In many countries, including the United States and Israel, governments provide agricultural research services to many small farm holders. The governments of these countries operate their own research institutes and laboratories where management tries to guide scientists in conducting research and development (R&D) for the benefit of the producers, consumers, and the society as a whole. Traditionally, the benefit of agricultural research was evaluated by measuring it ex post (Grilliches, 1960.) This evaluation was of little help for decision- making process of agricultural R&D management. I thought that the management of the private sector might do it differently and maybe better. Agricultural Research laboratories are involved in different types of R&D. Basic as well as applied, improved production processes as well as new or improved products. The agricultural R&D portfolio includes disciplines such agricultural engineering and food technology as well as plant physiology and genetics, and projects that will reach commercial application in a short or a long time.


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