Non-indigenous aquatic and semiaquatic plant species in France

  • Gabrielle Thiébaut
Part of the Invading Nature - Springer Series In Invasion Ecology book series (INNA, volume 2)

The invasion of natural communities by introduced plants constitutes one of the most serious threats to biodiversity (Heywood 1989). What is the current situation in France? What do we know about these invasions and their consequences? What measures have been implemented to manage non-indigenous plant species populations? To respond to these questions, the French Ministry for Ecology and Sustainable Development has supported various biological invasion research projects (“INVABIO”) and the National Museum of Natural History entrusted Muller et al. (2004) to evaluate plant species invasiveness in metropolitan France.


Aquatic Weed Invasive Aquatic Species Elodea Canadensis Hydrilla Verticillata Myriophyllum Aquaticum 
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