The Organ Preference of Metastasis Formation

Generally, colon cancer metastasizes into the liver, while liver cancer and rectal carcinoma disseminate predominantly into the lungs. Melanoma and lung cancer tend to colonize the liver, while neuroblastoma, breast, thyroid, prostate, and kidney carcinoma metastasize into bones. The presence of bone marrow micrometastases may be an independent prognostic factor. The brain is a frequent target for metastases from breast, kidney, gastrointestinal tract, and lung. Brain metastasis may also cause the first clinical manifestations of melanoma. Ovarian cancer invades the peritoneal cavity, without utilizing the blood or lymph system. For some cancers, the organ of origin is also the target organ. Basalioma, chondrosarcoma, and some forms of myelogenous leukemia typically grow locally invasive but do not form distal metastases. For most solid tumors, the presence of metastases in the draining lymph nodes is a critical prognostic factor for distal metastases and for survival.


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