Role of cell wall hydrolases on ethylene-induced abscission of Dendrobium inflorescences

  • S. Ketsa
  • K. Bunya-atichart
Conference paper

Abscission is preceded by the production of an abscission zone or layer at the base of organ. Abscission zone cells are not greatly different anatomically from the surrounding cells, but typically they are smaller and less vacuolated. Anatomical studies reveal almost complete disappearance of the middle lamella and extensive swelling and disorganization of the microfibrils in the primary wall in abscission zone cells. This changes result from the combined activities of several degrading enzymes. Several of these enzymes have been shown to be regulated by ethylene (Sexton and Roberts, 1982).


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  • S. Ketsa
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  • K. Bunya-atichart
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  1. 1.Department of HorticultureKasetsart UniversityThailand

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