Site assessment of road-edge grassed channels for highway drainage

  • M Escarameia
  • A J Todd
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Worldwide, grass-lined channels (or swales) have long been used for the drainage of surface runoff from roads and motorways. Recently, the emphasis on sustainability and on minimization of impact on the environment have prompted the spread of swales as a drainage option which also provides flow attenuation and improvement of the quality of the discharged water. However, swales and other traditional grass-lined channels are typically too deep and steep-sided, from a vehicle safety view point, for use adjacent to carriageways.


Hydraulic Resistance Site Assessment Grass Height Concrete Channel Peak Rainfall Intensity 
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  • M Escarameia
    • 1
  • A J Todd
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  1. 1.Engineering Hydraulics and StructuresHR WallingfordHowbery ParkUK
  2. 2.Atkins (formerly of TRL)Cornerstone HouseUK

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