Open C

  • Eero Penttinen
  • Antti Saukko

Open C is a solution that enables efficient cross-platform development, makes porting easier, and lowers barriers to start writing native C code to S60 without needing to learn Symbian C++. Open C is a set of standard POSIX and middleware C libraries for the S60 smartphone platform, which is based upon Symbian OS. The same libraries can be found in Linux and other UNIX-based operating systems, enabling cross-platform development and efficient reuse of code written for those operating systems. Open C brings to S60 well-known C libraries, including subsets of POSIX, OpenSSL, zlib, and GLib. In its first release, Open C includes over 70 percent of the functions contained in the full versions of the libraries. Bringing this functionality to S60 provides the following advantages:


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