Storying, Critical Reflexivity, and Imagination

  • Bal Chandra Luitel
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‘A flower garland for the storyteller and a gold garland for the story listeners’ is a famous Nepali adage spoken at the end of each storytelling ritual. It indicates the value of telling stories in our cultural context. It also indicates the value of reading and interpreting others’ stories, as the listener is supposed to be awarded a gold garland. With this inspiration, my initial narrative journey starts with a story about my experience of primary school mathematics. Gradually, I create an impressionistic plot with a special focus on my theme – foreign mathematics – that emerges from my experience. Perhaps, it depicts my predisposition towards the way I had been taught mathematics in my school education. In the very beginning of my exploration, I wish to raise a number of questions: Why did I raise this issue? Why did I write this particular story?


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