Pupil of Rembrandt (?) — Christ and the Samaritan woman at the well

St Petersburg, The Hermitage Museum, No. 714
  • Ernst Van De Wetering
Part of the Stichting Foundation Rembrandt Research Project book series (RRSE, volume 5)


In view of the difficulties of assessing its condition, the unreliability of the signature and date and the disfiguring layer of varnish, the task of evaluating this painting is harder than usual. In this entry, therefore, it will suffice in the main to give a description of the painting and the partial X-radiograph made of it and, as far as possible, the presentation and evaluation of the data available at present. Finally there follows a brief exposition of the production in Rembrandt’s workshop of works with the same subject and in the same period, together with remarks that relate to the situation of the work within the cluster of comparable works from the same period and a provisional opinion on the question of whether it could be an autograph work by Rembrandt.


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