Consumer and Entrepreneurial Literacy Program: Day 5 – Societal Responsibility and Other Miscellaneous Issues

Part of the Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Issues, Concerns and Prospects book series (EDAP, volume 12)

A number of miscellaneous issues are covered on the final day including the basics of accounting and finance, computing interest rates, and return on investments. Issues in organizational behavior, such as forming self-help groups and conducting negotiations would also be useful. Ethical issues in business should be discussed within the broader philosophy of balancing seller and buyer needs with societal good, including several topics, such as sustainable consumption and production, and environmental degradation. Discussion should also focus on seeking out opportunities proactively in an ever-changing world. Key issues learned from the first four days should also be summarized through discussion.


Business Ethic Ethical Behavior Ethical Practice Sustainable Consumption Societal Responsibility 
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