II.2 Cuprate and other unconventional superconductors

  • Ariando H.
  • H. J. H. Smilde
  • C. J. M. Verwijs
  • G. Rijnders
  • D. H. A. Blank
  • H. Rogalla
  • J. R. Kirtley
  • C. C. Tsuei
  • H. Hilgenkamp
Conference paper
Part of the NATO Science Series book series (NAII, volume 241)


Remarkably rich physics is involved in the behavior of hybrid Josephson junctions, connecting high-Tc and low-Tc superconductors. This relates in particular to the different order parameter symmetries underlying the formation of the superconducting states in these materials. Experiments on high-Tc/low-Tc contacts have also played a crucial role in settling the decade-long d-wave versus s-wave debate in cuprate superconductors. Recently, such hybrid junctions have enabled more detailed pairing symmetry tests. Furthermore, with these junctions, complex arrays of π-rings have been realized, enabling studies on spontaneously generated fractional flux quanta and their mutual interactions. Steps toward novel superconducting electronic devices are taken, utilizing the phase-shifts inherent to the d-wave superconducting order parameter. This paper is intended to reflect the current status of experiments using high-Tc and low-Tc Josephson contacts.


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