Transcriptome Analysis of Plant Drought and Salt Stress Response

  • Motoaki Seki
  • Taishi Umezawa
  • Jong-Myong Kim
  • Akihiro Matsui
  • Taiko Kim To
  • Kazuo Shinozaki


Plants must adapt to drought and high-salinity stresses in order to survive. Molecular and genomic studies have shown that many genes with various functions are induced by drought and high-salinity stresses, and that the various signaling factors are involved in the stress responses. The development of microarray-based expression profiling methods, together with the availability of genomic and/or cDNA sequence data, and gene-knock-out mutants, has allowed significant progress in the characterization of the plant stress response. Recent studies also revealed that small RNAs, RNA processing and chromatin regulation are involved in the abiotic stress responses. In this review, we highlight recent progress in the research on the transcriptome for the response to plant drought and salt stress


drought stress high-salinity stress transcriptome transcription factors small RNAs RNA processing chromatin remodeling 


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