The Lethargy of A Nation: Inclusive Education in India and Developing Systemic Strategies for Change

  • Mithu Alur
Part of the Inclusive Education: Cross Cultural Perspectives book series (INED, volume 4)


In this chapter I describe how we, a group of activists, challenged the systemic failure and exclusion of disabled children within existing Indian Government programmes, and the contributions we made as one of the largest Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). The chapter describes how we have begun to evolve from supporting a special school system towards supporting an inclusive one, and how we have developed a unique ‘macromicro’ model of inclusion with a top-down bottom-up approach. The chapter focuses on an analysis of disability issues within the policy framework of India and moves on to the mechanisms of change that have been introduced on a macro, mezzo and micro level. The chapter examines the role played by national and international NGOs and agencies over the years and concludes by examining the transformation and change we brought about.


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