Static and fatigue loading conditions
  • E.S. Lappa
  • C.R. Braam
  • J.C. Walraven


Four point bending tests on 125/125/1000 mm beams at a 750 mm span were performed under both static and fatigue loading conditions. The results of the static tests were used to determine the chosen fatigue sinusoidal loading at two load levels. Three different concrete mixtures were tested: one ultra high strength mixture and two high strength ones that had small differences in their matrix composition and fibre type and content. The static peak load depends on the amount of fibres in the mixture. The scatter in the fatigue result can be reduced by the use of a good workable and flow-able mixture in the fresh state.


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  • E.S. Lappa
  • C.R. Braam
  • J.C. Walraven

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