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Data on the geomagnetic field in the Balkan region and state borders were regarded as confidential information for a long time. Unfortunately this meant that geomagnetic field information was confidential information. The Republic of Macedonia was in a complicated situation because geomagnetic investigations were carried out by experts from Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro. When Macedonia became an independent country, a team of experts from the Faculty of Mining and Geology, Department for Geology and Geophysics in Stip and Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Institute of Physics in Skopje, started activities to establish a Geomagnetic Observatory in Macedonia. In the last four years, with the help of Dr. Jean Rasson from Institut Royal Météorologique, Centre du Physique du Globe in Dourbes, Belgium, a network of 15 repeat stations for measurement of the geomagnetic field in the Republic of Macedonia was created. For the first time since independence, all elements of geomagnetic field were determined.


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