Volume 80 of the series Fluid Mechanics And Its Applications pp 357-374

Numerical Modelling for Electromagnetic Processing of Materials

  • Valdis BojarevicsAffiliated withUniversity of Greenwich, CMS
  • , Koulis PericleousAffiliated withUniversity of Greenwich, CMS

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Electromagnetic processing of materials (EPM) is one of the most widely practiced and fast growing applications of magnetic and electric forces to fluid flow. EPM is encountered in both industrial processes and laboratory investigations. Applications range in scale from nano-particle manipulation to tonnes of liquid metal treated in the presence of various configurations of magnetic fields. Some of these processes are specifically designed and made possible by the use of the electromagnetic force, like the magnetic levitation of liquid droplets, whilst others involve electric currents essential for electrothermal or electrochemical reasons, for instance, in electrolytic metal production and in induction melting. An insight for the range of established and novel EPM applications can be found in the review presented by Asai [1] in the EPM-2003 conference proceedings.