The Ethical Significance of Settlement

  • Tamar Meisels
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As an Israeli writing at the turn of the twenty-first century, I have become accustomed to hearing theword ‘settlement’ used by liberals almost invariably as a derogatory term. The Jewish settlements to the west of the Jordan river, now populated by close to a quarter of a million Jews, are often said to be a central obstacle to peace in the Middle East, as well as being immoral in and of themselves. Consistent liberals realise that this attitude poses a problem for the endorsement of the Zionist effort as such, since settlement has always been a central tenet of this doctrine and the main practical tool for achieving its goals within contested territories. It was also the primary apparatus for achieving Western control over North America, Australia and New Zealand, at the total expense of the aboriginal inhabitants of those places. This too is the source of a great deal of contemporary liberal breast-beating.


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