Mid-IR Observations at High Spatial Resolution: Constraints on the IMF in Very Young Embedded Super Star Clusters

  • N. Leticia Martín-Hernández
  • Daniel Schaerer
  • Marc Sauvage
Conference paper
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 327)


In order to determine reliable constraints on the upper part of the IMF in very young embedded super-star clusters we have undertaken high spatial resolution mid-IR imaging and spectroscopy of young starburst galaxies with TIMMI2 on the ESO 3.6 m. Results on the prototypical starburst NGC5253 are presented here using detailed photoionisation models to reproduce a large number of observables including mid-IR to radio observations at various spatial resolutions.


High Spatial Resolution Initial Mass Function Stellar Cluster Ionisation Parameter Starburst Galaxy 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • N. Leticia Martín-Hernández
    • 1
  • Daniel Schaerer
    • 1
    • 2
  • Marc Sauvage
    • 3
  1. 1.Observatoire de GenèveSauvernySwitzerland
  2. 2.Laboratoire Astrophysique de Toulouse-Tarbes (UMR 5572)Observatoire Midi-PyrénéesToulouseFrance
  3. 3.CEA/DSM/DAPNIA/SAp, CE SaclayFrance

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