Military Foot Traffic Impact on Soil Compaction Properties

  • Kenneth W. McDonald

The study of military training on Army installations focuses extensively on vehicle impact, and foot traffic impact is not well documented. At the US Military Academy, West Point, NY, foot traffic impact was modeled using three functions (logistical growth, Gamma, and Wiebull) and field and laboratory data. The modeled data were compared to the actual condition of the soil in the Bataan Bayonet Assault Course, indicating a moderate level of compaction at the end of summer training. Bulk density, mean infiltration rates, and soil resistance were also compared, also indicating a moderate impact on soil compaction. The average infiltration rate decreased while the bearing capacity increased during the training cycle. The results indicate that the soil recovers moderately during the subsequent freeze-thaw cycle. This model has potential for greater application for predicting soil conditions.


Bulk Density Infiltration Rate Soil Compaction Soil Bulk Density Bear Capacity 
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