Modern And Postmodern Lifestyles And Foodstyles

Part of the The International Library of Environmental, Agricultural and Food Ethics book series (LEAF, volume 5)

Finally an evening to relax. Everyone slumps around the DVD screen, picks up their mobile phone to call a take-out, or e-mails the Internet service that matches their personal gene profile. Fifteen minutes later one take-out service after another is at the door, and the food feast can start. The microbiological processes start into action, enzymes are cleansed, lycopenes and phyto-estrogens hurl themselves onto hormones, anti-oxydants and free radicals are at each other's throats, like in a sectarian political faction. Phytochemical elements badly frustrate each other in metabolisms. What will be the outcome of all this? Is the genetically determined chance of cardiovascular disease about to strike during this meal? During intermission, random zapping to a news broadcast provides an answer: the discovery of a new series of proteins renders the carefully selected gene profiles useless, but it will take some years before it will be clear what a protein profile needs to look like. Back to scratch?


Obesity Migration Ozone Lycopene 


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