Seismic stations

  • Jens Havskov
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In the previous chapters, the equipment used for seismic stations has been described. When putting this equipment out in the field, we have a seismic station. Unfortunately it is not as simple as just putting the sensor and recorder somewhere and start recording. Although we would get data, it is likely that it would be so noise contaminated that it would be useless. So in this chapter we will describe some of the considerations to make when installing a seismic station. In short, the main goal is to make a sensor installation, which is as insensitive to ambient noise sources (human and environmental) as possible, so that the sensitivity for earthquake generated signals is high. In other words, the station should be as far away from oceans and humans as possible. This goal conflicts with practical considerations like access and costs, so a compromise must always be made.

The station can consist of only the sensor and some transmission line with the recorder elsewhere, as it is often the case for seismic networks (see Chapter 8), or the station can be complete with recorder and maybe a communication facility. Therefore individual requirements to the site, communication facilities, housing and power can be widely different. Today, few permanent stations are installed without some kind of communication facility.


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