XML-based visualization and evaluation of data mining results

  • Dietrich Wettschereck

The Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) is an XML-based industrial standard for the platform- and system-independent representation of data mining models. It is currently supported by a number of knowledge discovery systems. The primary purpose of the PMML standard is to separate model generation from model storage in order to enable users to view, post-process, and utilize data mining models independently of the tool that generated the model. In this chapter, a short introduction to PMML is followed by the presentation of VizWiz. VizWiz is a tool for the visualization and evaluation of data mining models that are specified in PMML. This tool allows for the highly interactive visual exploration of a variety of data mining result types such as decision trees, classification and association rules or subgroups. A noteworthy contribution of this work is that most of these result types can be presented to the user in the same manner, thus reducing the learning rate for the user and removing some of the jargon that often prevents application experts from using knowledge discovery tools.

Key words: Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, PMML, XML, Visualization


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