Vertical Context after Gurwitsch

  • Natalie Depraz
Part of the Contributions to Phenomenology book series (CTPH, volume 52)

To what extent is Aron Gurwitsch’s understanding of context inherently intersubjective? We will try to answer this question by appealing to the phenomenological experience of horizonality, then by exploring the light paradigm as it is thematized by different phenomenologists. Inasmuch as the mystical experience leads to reconsidering our access to perception as well as its limitations, we will rely on it to show how Gurwitsch truly paves the way for a genuine open understanding of context that is able to renew in turn the very experience of intersubjectivity: this is what we here call “vertical context.”


Perceptual Activity Mystical Experience Thematic Field Gestalt Theory Intentional Correlate 
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