Does C-Myb Have A Role In Haemopoietic Stem Cells And Multilineage Progenitors?

  • Nikla R. Emambokus
  • Jon Frampton
Part of the Proteins and Cell Regulation book series (PROR, volume 2)

The c-Myb transcription factor is widely expressed throughout the haemopoietic hierarchy, including in stem cells and multilineage progenitors. Although the formation of such immature haemopoietic cells during development is possible in the absence of c-Myb, the function of progenitors, at least, is strongly dependent on the factor. However, it is not clear whether c-Myb has a role in stem cells or what function it performs in progenitor cells. The recent creation of novel alleles of c-myb that are either expressed at lower levels or can be conditionally inactivated is now enabling a closer examination of the involvement of c-Myb in these immature stages of haemopoiesis.


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  • Nikla R. Emambokus
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  • Jon Frampton
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  2. 2.Division of Immunity and InfectionInstitute for Biomedical Research, Birmingham University Medical SchoolUK

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