Possible Hazards of Propellants Connected with their Chemical Composition and Decomposition

  • Manfred A. Bohn
Conference paper
Part of the NATO Science Series book series (NAIV, volume 44)

The typical ingredients of gun propellants are nitrocellulose, blasting oils, nitroguanidine, stabilizers based on amine group activated aromatic systems, some inorganic and organic salts and plasticizers as dibutylphthalate. Some of these compounds can be toxic and / or carcinogenic or mutagenic. Doublebase rocket propellants have similiar ingredients except nitroguanidine. Composite rocket propellants contain typically a HTPB-IPDI binder, aluminium, ammonium perchlorate, plasticizers and burning catalysts. Hazards may occur from the relatively high impact and friction sensitivities and the possible toxicity of plasticizers and burning catalysts.


Burning Hydrolysis Toxicity Brittle Explosive 


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