Users and Knowledge Portals

  • Brian Detlor
Part of the Information Science and Knowledge Management book series (ISKM, volume 5)


This chapter devotes itself to the role users play in shaping the design and adoption of knowledge portals in organizations. It largely discusses the user entity of the Knowledge Portal Framework in detail. The goal is to explore, ponder, suggest, and find evidence of the more salient characteristics of users which affect the degree to which knowledge portals are utilized in the enterprise. Perhaps there are differences between organizational participants who utilize portals at higher and lower levels of intensity for knowledge work. If so, what characteristics distinguish or influence this behaviour? For example, do users with greater familiarity with computers and the Internet utilize Web-based portals to a larger extent for knowledge work? Or are there other user characteristics at play that determine or influence portal use for knowledge creation, distribution, and use? This is one of the goals of this chapter. To elaborate questions on this matter and probe at potential answers.


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