Row Crops Grown as Annuals or Biennials

  • R. J. Stephens


All the major food crops of the world as well as cotton and tobacco are grown as row crops. Most are planted as seeds although some are planted from stem tubers or other vegetative propagules. Young plants emerging from the soil soon face competition from weeds unless countermeasures are taken. Vegetatively propagated row crops, such as yams and potatoes, have an initial size advantage over most weeds, but their relatively slow emergence allows time for weeds to achieve a dominance over the crop. Thus effective control of weeds in row crops is essential if their yield potential is to be realised, and it is this group of plants that, worldwide, makes the greatest demands on human labour. The successful use of herbicides in row crops over recent years has been largely responsible for the changes in crop management (Chapter 8) and in the whole economic and social structure of farming that have occurred in Europe and other ‘developed’ areas.


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