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Back Bencher February–November 1938

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THE return of John Anderson to England on December 11, 1937, was something of a triumph. His appointment as Governor of Bengal in November 1931 had occasioned only the veriest ripple of publicity and his departure in the following March had gone unheralded, but the return of the ‘Builder of Better Bengal’ was a very different affair. The Times, which on the date of his leaving Calcutta had printed a turnover article by its special correspondent recording the achievements of his Governorship,1 accorded him a ‘leader’ on his arrival, eulogizing his work in the Province which had shown that

in addition to the qualities of efficiency, industry and integrity that are traditionally associated with the Civil Service, he is blessed with exceptional constructive powers, and not least with a liberal mind. He will now, no doubt, wish to retire for a while into private life, but it is hoped that the great qualities which he has displayed in Bengal will be used again in the service of his country.2


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