The Socialization of the Infantry Recruit

  • Frank E. Jones


New-comers to any group must be socialized. This means that the group’s values and its way of doing things must be transmitted to its new members. Socialization may be defined, then, as the activities in which the elements of technology, culture, and social organization of a group are transmitted by established members of the group to its new members. Although the term “socialization” is most frequently used to refer to child-rearing, in this paper it will be used to analyse certain features of the training of infantry recruits.


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  1. 6.
    This pattern is not unlike that utilized by the Navaho parent in instances where the child commits a deviant act. In such instances, the parent calls the child’s attention to the community’s attitude to the act and the way in which the community will respond to the act rather than demanding that the child conform in order to please the parent or to meet the parents’ wishes. Cf. Dorothea Leighton and Clyde Kluckhohn, Children of the People (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1948), p. 52.Google Scholar

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