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The title of this work-book determines in many important ways the kind of approach adopted. The title stresses that communication is an activity between people; indeed it can only take place if there is someone to understand, as well as someone to start the communication. Communication has become an important area of study precisely because more and more people have become concerned about a lack of understanding and goodwill in all walks of life. This book is not concerned with those wider communication problems, but attempts to look at the role of communication in just one vital activity, WORK. For most people work is a co-operative effort. There are, it is true, people who make their livings by working alone — artists and craftsmen, for example — but for most of us work means working with people. Given this basic fact it follows that an important part of our working life is getting on with colleagues. It is sometimes thought that being ‘good at your job’ is just about mastering the technical skills involved in it, typing or book-keeping or whatever it may be. However, to be effective at work also means working with other people, contributing to a team and achieving objectives by a collective effort. To make that contribution it is helpful to understand the relationships that exist in organisations, the forces that shape group activities, and the choices available for communicating information.

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