‘Lemon-coloured kid gloves and such things’

  • Eliza Bridell-Fox


Mr Browning entered the little drawing-room, with a quick light step; and on hearing from me that my father was out, and in fact that nobody was at home except myself, he said: ‘It’s my birthday to-day; I’ll wait till they come in,’ and sitting down to the piano, he added: ‘If it won’t disturb you, I’ll play till they do.’ And as he turned to the instrument, the bells of some neighbouring church suddenly burst out with a frantic merry peal. It seemed to my childish fancy, as if in response to the remark that it was his birthday. He was then slim and dark, and very handsome; and — may I hint it — just a trifle of a dandy, addicted to lemon-coloured kid gloves and such things: quite ‘the glass of fashion and the mould of form’. But full of ambition, eager for success, eager for fame, and what’s more, determined to conquer fame and to achieve success.

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