The Social Construction of Gender

  • Lis Højgaard
  • Johanna Esseveld
Part of the Advances in Political Science: An International Series book series (ADPOSC)


In this chapter we want to explore how the cultural discourse on gender affects gender construction and the ways in which it differentiates the male and female top leaders included in our study. More concretely, we will look at the extent to which a series of statements on women and men position the two groups of leaders differently within two types of contexts: one being a symbolic context, that is the content of the statements, and the other being a structural context, that is the overall social conditions, what we have called welfare state regimes, in which the female and male leaders are situated. The purpose of this endeavour is to discuss the meaning of cultural embeddedness for the social construction of gender.


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  • Johanna Esseveld

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