Islam and Civilization

  • Muhammad Farid Wajdi


The gulf between theists and scientists is not a recent development, for history tells us that such a gulf has existed for ages. Furthermore, there have been quarrels and troubles between the two sides in diverse countries the world over. However, the early periods can be distinguished from our present era in the severity of these problems and the harshness of the debate. Many philosophers of science were sentenced to death by poison, the sword, or the yoke for merely defending their call to enlighten their fellow citizens against the delusions that would put down reason and douse its light. As far as our present era is concerned, Mr. Bartlu, a French foreign minister and one of that country’s greatest chemists, claims that science, having obtained its absolute freedom, does not fear usurpation at the hands of religion. Mr. Bartlu speaks the truth. When we read the refutations and disparagements put forward by religious leaders, it is clear to us that they were relentlessly shooting arrows of apostasy at their prey. Yet, religious leaders also immediately took a vow to hide their lack of agreement concerning this slyness and disloyalty on behalf of science from the people, thus failing to clarify their qualms concerning the foundations of science.


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