Bellicose Neighbors

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The elections were postponed from a planned October date to November 4, mainly because of widespread concern over repressions and possible disorders. The Smallholders’ Party (KGP) feared that the communists would use every means to prevent almost certain defeat. Voroshilov told Zoltán Tildy on October 17 that he had received reports of disturbances from many parts of the country and suggested that all the parties run on a joint list to lessen tensions. Negotiations were actually undertaken toward this end on the basis of Rákosi’s proposal to concede in advance 51 percent of the seats in the National Assembly to the Smallholders. Tildy leaned toward the joint list, mainly to save face for Voroshilov and Pushkin, whose fall from grace, as Schoenfeld reported, “might lead to appointment of new Soviet representative here and much heavier hand … in handling Hungarian affairs.”1


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