A Midsummer Night’s Dream

  • Katharine Goodland
  • John O’Connor
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[This is] an earthy, uninhibited, rollicking production… Neptune’s “Dream” is rooted in reality… In fact, the fairies shook me a little… the combined effects of black-light on fluorescent face-paint, luminous costumes fashioned out of leaves and vines and strange guttural sounds made me think of Zulus rather than delicate fairy figures flitting through the forest. Robust is the word that comes to mind, and a robust and very Canadian Puck played in a rather captain-of the-Lacrosse-team way by Margo Sweeny. Neptune’s fairyland seems composed of black velvet and bright artificial flowers that all look like man-eating plants. Rather like a trip on LSD. But creating a strange and otherworldly atmosphere. Kenneth Pogue … comes on strong in both parts [Theseus and Oberon]—lots of authority and stage presence—but not enough contrast in the two roles. To me, none of the fairy kingdom were devilish enough—they were after all, a pretty mean bunch, playing cruel psychological tricks on each other and on the mortals who strayed into their fairyland. Diana Barrington plays the other dual role—Hippolyta… and Titania. The Amazon overshadowed the fairy—but in a regal and charming manner. These two gave us a royal couple, a strong pivot for the play to revolve around. Now we come to the scene-stealers… Denise Fergusson, as Helena. She’s a delightful comedienne—the sad/funny clown—woebegone when Demetrius spurns her—incredulous when he becomes besotted with her… This girl achieves great rapport with her audience… and her timing is near perfect. Then Kenneth Wickes and Doug Chamberlain as Francis Flute and the brash Nick Bottom.


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