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Except for a single casual encounter I did not meet Crosland until he became Secretary of State for the Environment. But I should have done. I had joined the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) soon after he left for Education. When the DEA was abolished Crosland became Secretary of State for Local Government and Regional Planning with a kind of overview, but only a shadowy power, over two of the Departments — Ministry of Housing and Local Government (MHLG) and Ministry of Transport (MOT) — that were later to form the DOE. He laid claim to my services as the senior economist in government service working on regional issues. But so did Benn, and to my sorrow Crosland lost the argument. Fairly soon I had had enough of the Ministry of Technology (Mintech) and I switched to the DOE on the day it was formed. By the time, three and half years later, that Crosland arrived at the DOE I was rather pretentiously known as its Director-General of Economics and Resources.


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