Expressing Preferences

  • Sandra Truscott
  • Brian Hill
Part of the Breakthrough book series (BTH)


Although you already have some knowledge of Spanish, it may be some time since you studied it and you may feel that you have forgotten all you learnt. Take heart — it’s all still there, somewhere, but it can take a little time to retrieve. That’s why we start this course with some revision rather than plunging immediately into the unknown. To get back into the swing of things, try listening to the cassette (in the car or at home) just to get used to the sound of the language once again. You’ll soon find that you recognise many of the words. This unit covers material that you may already be familiar with — likes and dislikes and verbs which work like me gusta. Some of the vocabulary will be new, however, and some of the accents unfamiliar. This course uses a number of native speakers of Spanish from South America. You will find that their speech has a different rhythm from that of a Spaniard, but you will also find they tend to speak more slowly. So, good luck!


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