Patterns of International Politics

  • Adrian Hyde-Price


Mars, the god of war, has cast a long and terrible shadow over the lands between Russia and Germany. For enturies, these borderlands have been ravaged by marauding armies as contending empires have clashed in an incessant struggle for power and territority. All too often in Central and Eastern Europe, violence has been the midwife of history. When, after centuries of rule by multinational empires, the peoples of this region gained their sovereignty and independence at the end of the Great War, they did so through force of arms and internecine conflict. As the titantic struggle of the European great powers reached its bloody denouement in 1918, a wave of smaller - but no less terrible - wars gripped Central and Eastern Europe. ‘The war of the giants has ended’, wrote Winston Churchill, ‘the wars of the pygmies begin’ (quoted in Davies, 1996, p. 926).


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