Criticisms of Communitarian Ideas

  • Henry Tam


Social commentators and politicians who invoke the notion of ‘community’ are often criticized for expressing vague, nostalgie yearnings for small, close-knit communities which are neither possible to recreate, nor indeed desirable, as they could be highly oppressive. Philosophical discussions of the relationships between individuals and communities have not been of much help in clarifying this matter as they have remained at generally an abstract level. In this book, however, we have specified the model of ‘inclusive community’ as the ideal form of community to be developed, and spelt out the three principles that support it. On this basis, we have considered a range of reforms that should take place to provide the education, work opportunities and protective arrangements citizens need to build inclusive communities. Such communities are not restricted to interactions within neighbourhood areas, but are to be established at ail levels across the state, business and third sectors to enable everyone to pursue the identifled common values. We may now turn our attention to the criticisms that may be directed at the ideal of inclusive community which informs our reform agenda.


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