The Enduring Contest of Wills

  • Nadia El-Sayed El-Shazly


On 17 September 1980, Saddam Hussein abrogated the Algiers Agreement, brokered by President Anwar al-Sadat of Egypt, King Hussein of Jordan and President Houari Boumedienne of Algeria, which he had signed, as vice-president, with Shah Muhammed Reza on 7 March 1975. Baghdad claimed that Tehran breached the treaty by its support for Iraqi Kurds, subversive activities, border attacks and violation of Iraqi airspace, and the refusal to return the 400 square kilometres in the northern areas of Zain al-Qaws and Saif Sa’id, agreed when the borders were redrafted in the 1975 accord. Predating the Iraqi decision, Sadegh Tabatabai, the official IRI spokesman, announced, on 19 June 1979, that Tehran no longer endorsed the agreement, and almost one year later, on 16 June 1980, it unilaterally abrogated it (Ghareeb, 1983, pp. 61, 64; Gheitany, 1987, pp. 9–12; ’Abdel-Halim, 1986, p. 15; Hunter in Naff [ed.], 1985, p. 172; Jawdat, 1983, p. 91; Karsh, 1987, pp. 12–13; and Osman, 1988, p. 24).


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