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On 6 April 1994 a Hamas suicide bomber drove a car laden with explosives into a bus crowded with Israelis in the northern town of Afula on the West Bank. Seven passengers died in the explosion and more than 50 were injured. On the 7th a member of Islamic Jihad—(P) attacked a group of Israelis waiting at a bus stop in the small Israeli port of Ashdod, killing one and injuring others. On the 13th another Hamas suicide bomber caused an explosion in another crowded bus in the northern West Bank town of Hadera, killing five Israelis and injuring over 30 others. The 13th was Remembrance Day for the fallen in Israel’s wars. Hamas claimed responsibility for both suicide attacks, saying they had been in retaliation for the Hebron massacre, and that it intended to carry out five such revenge attacks in all. The two Hamas suicide bombings caused alarm in Israel, the previous three being well remembered, and the OTs were sealed off for another indefinite period.


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