Women and ‘1992’: Integration or Segmentation?

  • Gill Whitting
Part of the Women in Society book series


The drive to achieve full economic and monetary union within the European Union (EU) brings to the forefront those issues historically at the centre of Common Market debates. The question of sovereignty continues to dominate the negotiations; to different degrees Member States have been wary of what they consider unwarranted intrusions into national affairs. Moreover, the economic thrust of the Treaty of Rome has prompted at least two major questions: first, will economic union bring benefits to all, or will it result in additional benefits to those countries, regions and individuals that already enjoy a relatively high level of social and economic integration and prosperity? Second, to what extent do the Treaties of Rome and Maastricht allow for policies that can inject a social dimension to reduce existing irregularities and counter some of the additional ‘costs’ of an economic-oriented Internal Market?


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