Dynamic Take-off: Accelerating Effects of a Continental Expressway

  • Hirotada Kohno
  • Yoshiro Higano
  • Yuji Matsumura


Apart from the microelectronics and information industries based on large-scale integrated circuits and/or optical fibres, it seems to us that the frontiers of heavy industry at present have a tendency to be stagnant. However, large projects planned for the twenty-first century, such as the second Panama Canal, the Baikal-Amur Railroad in Siberia, the Great Dam of Itaipu, the Asian Highway, the Japan-Korea Tunnel, and the Seventeen Bridges to link Shikoku Island to the mainland of Japan, are left untouched.


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  • Hirotada Kohno
  • Yoshiro Higano
  • Yuji Matsumura

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