Francis H. Grundy, [‘The Decline and Fall of Branwell Brontë’] (1841–1848), in Pictures of the Past: Memories of Men I Have Met and Places I Have Seen (London: Griffith and Farran, 1879), pp. 73–93

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Soon after I came to Halifax, I made the acquaintance of a genius of the highest order, Patrick Branwell Brontë, who was at least as talented as any member of that wonderful family.1 Much my senior, Brontë took an unusual fancy to me, and I continued, perhaps, his most confidential friend through good and ill until his death. Poor, brilliant, gay, moody, moping, wildly excitable, miserable Brontë! No history records your many struggles after the good — your wit, brilliance, attractiveness, eagerness for excitement — all the qualities which made you such ‘good company’, and dragged you down to an untimely grave. But you have had a most unnecessary scandal heaped upon you by the author of your sister’s Biography, which that scandal does its best to spoil.


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