Environmental accounting and energy regulation

  • Roger L. Burritt
  • Brenda Boardman
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Environmental accounting is a new area of study. Its development has occurred at two levels. The term initially became familiar in national income accounting when it was recognised that GNP had defects as a measure of economic progress. Environmental factors had to be taken into account and so a supplementary form of reporting was developed by the United Nations Environment Programme, for countries to follow on a voluntary basis. In the last five years environmental accounting at the level of nations has been overtaken by a growing concern for environmental reporting at the corporate level. Indeed, it has been claimed that environmental accounting for organisations has now taken a central role in the deliberations of the world-wide accounting profession1. Although environmental accounting has the capacity to serve as a link between the aggregate and organisational levels, comments that follow focus on environmental accounting for organisations.


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  • Brenda Boardman

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