Candidates and Parties of the Right

  • Peter Fysh


This chapter does not offer a complete narrative of the activities of candidates and parties of the right before and during the 1995 presidential contest. In accordance with the analytical framework established in Chapter 3, party programmes, campaign issues and the attitude of the electorate are identified only when they illustrate the ways in which parties and candidates are constrained by the tension between three pairs of opposites — party and personality, the multiparty and bipolar characteristics of the party system, populism and centrism as approaches to campaign strategy. The aim here will be to test the degree to which the 1995 campaign — at least as far as the right was concerned — illustrated this triple ‘institutional logic’ and to examine and account for the respects, if any, in which 1995 diverged from the theoretical model. Not all the ‘institutional logics’ apply to all candidates. The strategies of the ‘fringe’ candidates, Jean-Marie Le Pen and Philippe de Villiers, were almost by definition exclusively focused on the first ballot; for them a populist discourse and behaviour appropriate to a multiparty system are almost axiomatic.


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