On a Recent Change in the Notion of Incomes Policy

  • Giovanni Caravale
Part of the Central Issues in Contemporary Economic Theory and Policy book series (CICETP)


Even though in some respects it can legitimately be said, in the words of Beaud and Dostaler ([1], p. 149), that «Keynesianism is a nebulous space crossed by currents and undercurrents… [in which] economists with very differing theoretical or political views have been able… to find that with which to feed or support their theories», it is undeniable that the figure and work of J.M. Keynes should be placed centre-stage of what has been called the «golden age of interventionism». In the struggle with opposing views, the Keynesian concept appeared at a certain phase of the recent history of the Western world, as the triumphal winner both in the field of economic theory and in that of institutions and politics. In the former this triumph was symbolized, for many, by the post-mortem recognition paid to Keynes by his fiercest Cambridge critic, A.C. Pigoul.


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