Political Corruption in Venezuela

  • Walter Little
  • Antonio Herrera
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In Venezuela the political fall-out from corruption revelations has been as great as anywhere, with the possible exception of Italy. Within Latin America, President Menem of Argentina has been tainted but, thanks to inflation stabilisation, goes from strength to strength. In Brazil, President Collor de Mello was ousted, but the political system which allowed him come to power remains largely intact. Mexico’s President Zedillo talks of the struggle against corruption, but the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) — its very emblem — has managed to hang on to power. In Venezuela, by contrast, two ex-Presidents (Lusinchi, 1984–89, and Carlos Andrés Pérez, 1989–93), have been indicted and the political system as a whole seems to be undergoing a real process of transformation.


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